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About Sleepovers

Sleepovers director, Charlotte

Let's face it. Organising an event can be time consuming and costly. Hosting my kids' sleepovers required a lot more planning than originally thought and it was stressful. Talking to friends and family I came to the conclusion that with today's busy lifestyle people are looking for the total sleepover package,

This led to the creation of Sleepovers. A fun, total sleepover party package which makes planning kids parties easy and magical memories to last forever.

Sleepovers is the original slumber party provider in New Zealand. The Dream Team has been setting up amazing Sleepovers since 2016 and have now completed well over 700 parties across Auckland.

We can provide a full setup and styling service by the Sleepovers Dream Team. However, if you like to be creative, try the DIY setup.​​

We have a large variety of themes and colours and tailor our setups to suit your special event. We also offer a range of games and activities to keep the party going and the kids entertained. 

It would be a joy to hear from you and together we will create magical memories.​

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