We can provide a full setup and styling service by the Sleepovers Dream Team. However, if you like to be creative and save money, try the DIY setup

We have a large variety of themes and tent colours and tailor our setups to suit your special event. 

Sleepover Party Packages Includes:

  • A Frame tent or teepee

  • Sleepovers invitation (download and print from website)

  • Adult single blow up air bed and pump (we include a spare air bed)

  • Fitted sheet

  • Duvet cover and inner

  • Tray table

  • Lantern with tealight

  • Fairy lights for each A-frame tent or teepee (not included for diy option)

  • Hanging lights between each A-frame tent or teepee

  • Bunting or tassels between each A-frame tent or teepee

  • Novelty pillows for each A-frame tent or teepee

  • Hanging or stand alone blackboards for each A-frame tent or teepees for

  • Eye masks

  • Welcome to my sleepover poster that makes a great take home item for the host


Free add-ons - one per booking and a disco light 

  • Chocolate fountain

  • Candy floss maker

  • Popcorn machine

  • A-frame blackboard 

  • Disco light


2 A frame tents or teepees $100 DIY only

3 A frame tents or teepees $181 or DIY $131

4 A frame tents or teepees $235 or DIY $182 

5 A frame tents or teepees $295 or DIY $245 

6 A frame tents or teepees $355 or DIY $295 - additional tents/teepees $59

8 A frame tents or teepees $475 or DIY $395 - additional tents/teepees $59

Setup and travel costs $60.00

Please note, the DIY option requires you to pick up and drop back the tents and party items to our storage facility on the North Shore, just off Constellation Drive.

Ombre Theme 


Our white teepees are simple and elegant and each have a window. Each teepee is decorated with fairy lights and a flower head piece. Between each teepee is hanging tassel and hanging lights. Pink and white floral bedding and decorated with pinks, white and mustard novelty cushions. This theme is very popular with the 10+ age group. 



Unicorn Theme 


Welcome to our very popular unicorn theme featuring pale pink unicorn tents, white tents with pale pink overlay and gold unicorns, white tents with hanging unicorn bunting, This theme is finished off with beautiful handmade tassels between each tent and hanging unicorn lights. Our handmade unicorn headpiece on the top of each tent completes this stunning set up.

This slumber party set up is perfect for the unicorn lovers or horse crazy girls. 



Boho Lace Theme - Teepees or A-frame tents


Introducing ‘Boho lace’. A elegant and gorgeous slumber party set up that consists of white tents with a lace overlay, ivy garland along the front A frame, white handmade lace bunting between each tent with white hanging lights and styled with a white flower headpiece and dream catcher.

This theme was created with the older girls in mind, book the teepees or A-frame tents. 



Camo Theme


This is my favourite theme to set up with everything camo it suits every boys sleepover dream. Camo tents draped with netting, handmade camo bunting and  hanging lights in between each tents. Styled with black fitted sheets, camo sleeping bag and themed pillows. 



Pretty in Pink


Our range of pink tents suit every princess wanting the fairy tail theme.  Decorated with pink, white and gold tassels or pink, pale pink and white bunting in between each tent, styled with bedding, pillows and lots of fairy lights to complete the fairy tail theme. This is a great set up for girls aged 6 - 9 years old.  



Boho Dreams Theme


Our beige crochet teepees are beautifully made and each have a window so you can chat to your neighbour, each teepee is decorated with a dreamcatcher, fairy lights and a flower headpiece. In between each teepee is soft pink, aqua, and gold bunting and hanging lights. Beautifully styled with pale pink and white duvet covers and novelty pillows.

This theme is very popular with the 10+ age group.





A bright rainbow striped tent that suits kids that love a bit of colour in their life. The star bunting was handmade specifically to match the stripes on the tent making them pop. Decorated with hanging lights, beddings and pillows.  

A fun slumber party setup for all ages. 



Savannah Theme


Venture into the African Savannah with an adventurous sleepover party. Explore into the evening with a safari and you may meet a lion, giraffe, elephant or zebra. Modern bunting and bedding will create the perfect backdrop for your trip to the Savannah.

A great slumber party set up for animal lovers and can styled to suit both boys and girls.



Mermaid Theme


Host a pink or purple themed mermaid sleepover party for your child. Decorated with matching bunting and mermaid hanging lights in between each tent. Styled with a mermaid tail blanket and themed pillows this setup is perfect for kids that love the sea life.



Black & White


If you wanting something different our black and white tents offers allsorts of options. Continue with the black and white theme with matching bunting and hanging lights between each tent or we decorate to suit your favourite colours with our large variety of coloured bunting, bedding and pillows . Add a different coloured tent in between each black and white tent for a  fun, funky setup perfect for the older girls wanting a sleepover screams cool!



Boho Lace Theme 


Introducing our beautiful white Pom Pom teepees with a lace front panel and side window. Each teepee is decorated with ivy and fairy lights. In between each teepee is white lace bunting and white hanging cotton ball lights. White and pale pink bedding and styled with cushions.

Voted our most popular theme for the 10+.  



Crochet Teepees


Each one of our  stylish & elegant ' Crochet. Embroidered by hand with a window on the side to chat to your neighbour they're suitable for both boys and girls. We can decorated with our many colours or themes to suit your special event.  

Photo: Crochet Teepees styled and decorated with our boho dreams theme..



Gone Dotty


Party with your friends and celebrate in tents that are literally very dotty! Whether it’s rainbow colours you love, or blue, green, yellow and pink, you can style your sleepover party with lots and lots of dots! Finished with handmade blue, pink and yellow bunting with a star pattern and hanging mirror ball lights you’re guaranteed to have a very fun, colourful time! Set up can be tailored to suit both boys and girls. 



Perfect Purple


Perfection purple is a popular slumber party set up for girls that are coming out of the pink phase. Our purple fabric compliments the purple, light purple and white bunting and hanging lights between each tents. The setup is then styled with bedding and pillows.